2018 Primaries – Exciting times! – Get involved now and make a difference!

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In case you are not aware, right now is a very exciting time in Texas for our movement. The 2018 primaries are in full swing, last years candidates are campaigning to keep their spot and new incumbents are eager for their turn. (By the way, early voting is February 20th-March 2nd, most elections are won or lost during early voting..). But that’s not what prompted this blog. We are interested in equal parenting (and family law reform in general), the plight of the non-custodial parent and the true best interest of Texas children, among other things. So what is exciting for us about the 2018 primaries is that for the first time people from the Movement (all the different groups across Texas) are coming together in a very real way to help candidates who support equal parenting and to support the opponents of those who don’t support equal parenting. In fact, Several others and myself in the Houston area raised over $1,000 for Richard Bonton in House District 142, Future Texas Representative Bonton has publicly stated he supports equal parenting, and more importantly, his opponent, Harold Dutton, is the reason none of the bills we support got passed, so if Bonton wins, no more Dutton! And now we are making phone calls to voters in his district, we are well over 1,000 calls made now and plan to top 10,00 by February 20th. In addition we will be working the polling stations for him during early voting. And that’s not all we are helping him with, but I won’t publically say more.

So, in addition to the Bonton campaign, there is a similar effort in Galveston county, another candidate in the Houston area actually reached out to us for our support and offered to sign a Equal Parenting Pledge to publicly state his stance, and lastly Danny Harrison who is running as an independent for Governor has pledged his support. More importantly, the voters we are calling, already know why we are calling, they know that the members of our movement are now active. And this is just my experience in the Houston area. So we want this to spread! Now is the time! Candidates are responding so favorably to us right now that it would be a waste to not take full advantage of the situation. We want this momentum to spread in two ways:

  1. We want more of you to engage the candidates RIGHT NOW while they are running for office. See where they stand on the issues and get involved with their campaign. You can help by making phone calls for them from home, they love this kind of help.
  2. Attend the public events where candidates are, like town halls, debates and fundraisers and publically ask them where they stand. Raise the issue!


Click here to find the candidates in your district.

Click here for information on how to engage them.


You see, something very fundamental has happened. An awakening, if you will. For the most part, we have waited until the legislative session was in full swing and then we would visit the capitol and ask the staffers to support our bills. But it always seemed like we were asking for handouts, and we were, since we brought nothing to the table. But that’s all we could do since we were limited on resources, right? Wrong! We were limited on funds, but not resources. We just didn’t know what we had. When candidates receive campaign donations a great part of that money goes to paying people to do block walks, make phone calls to voters in their district and otherwise pay people to help their campaign. Well we have people! We can skip the middle step of giving them money that they will spend on people by providing our time and efforts. And that’s the value we can give them, that’s how we can establish the relationships with them that we need in order to be successful with our bills.

The thing is, this is just the primaries, all this just started a few weeks ago and word is already getting out. If we can use this time now to go to the town halls and debates and make our issue heard publicly, and then if we continue to do that into the general elections, there is no doubt that our efforts, our cause and our issues will be in the mainstream news. When they talk about the general elections they will also talk about us. But only IF, we all get out there and make noise now. So what are you waiting for, go find a town hall!


Ben Beveridge, TFRM Regional Director


Click here to find the candidates in your district.

Click here for information on how to engage them.

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