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    I am a 45 yr old man with 2 bio boys and 1 bonus daughter. In a 2+ year relationship with a wonderful woman who supports me in every way.

    I was married for 17 years to my exwife, met her after high school. Divorced for 4 years and share 50/50 custody however still pay $1000 in CS and $700 in health insurance (plus pretty much everything else).

    I got involved after the crappy job my attorney with cordell and cordell did. My personal opinion is that I would never recommend them to represent anyone.

    I am fighting for my sons rights. The are afraid to get married and have kids after what they saw their mother do to me. That is why I have done everything I have done and why I will continue to fight.

    Glad to be here, good luck getting me to leave, ha ha

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