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    Casey Williams

    My husband and his wife lived in Louisiana. She cheated on him and soon after she took a job in Texas and moved there, leaving their 3 children in Louisiana with their father. She quickly found someone new, cheating on the childrens father again. She left the 3 children with their father for 6 months, her choice. At that time she requested to have them for Thanksgiving in which she was granted by their father. At this time she would not let the children return to their father until she went to court for support and custody. The children’s father was informed this was a preliminary hearing no need for his attendance. Therefore the courts granted her everything even though she cheated on him twice (have proof) and moved out of state; she was granted primary custody, 30% child support, claiming ALL of them on taxes EVERY year, had it written that their father is required to drive all the way to their home to pick them up and bring them home each visitation( even though she is the one that moved 3 hours away from their home). Then her and her boyfriend had another child and then married. My husband and I met and had a child together. His ex wife and her new spouse then moved to Louisiana for a few years. Then they moved back to Texas and have since moved another town in Texas. She heard of my husband getting a new job and of course asked for a support modification.
    My question is, can you help? & How?

    These are the things I need help with.
    Is the original order still valid after her moving out of state for years from Texas where the order was originated to Louisiana and then back to another part of Texas?
    Can we have the order changed to us having to drive less being she is the one that moved so far away?
    Can we have order changed to include the childrens father claiming them on taxes, such as 2 one year and 1 the next,etc?
    We are ordered to pay health insurance, in which we do, though she wont use it because she ” doesnt think it’s fair to help with our copay and deductibles “. Is this fair?
    Just because my husband is TRYING to better himself by getting a better paying job to offset the child support cost, how is she able to get an increase. Her new husband makes A LOT more than the childrens father. She now has a job herself. They live in a 4+ bedroom brand new Brick home less than 2-3yrs old. She drives a brand new Tahoe and he has been driving a brand new Chevrolet crew cab.
    All while my husband and I live in a trailer we paid $10,000 for, I am driving one of the cheapest SUVs I could find with a 3rd row seat to accommodate all of us and my husband has a company truck BECAUSE WE SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD another car note or a house note.
    When they were married they were not making much and after he and I married my family got him onto a new job which was a career change resulting in higher pay. Why should she get each increase when she is already living WAY above the lifestyle they had as a married couple and WAY more than the lifestyle we could even think about at this time.

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