Texas Fathers’ Rights Movement Membership Drive

Likely you or someone you care about have been negatively impacted by Texas’ family laws.


I want to take a minute to tell you that you are not alone.

  • You are not alone in feeling that something is seriously wrong with the Texas Family Law system.
  • You are not alone in reaching out to a community of affected parents like the Texas Fathers’ Rights Movement.
  • You are not alone in your desire for change and


Please take a look at some of the work we have been doing at Texas TFRM.


Here are a few projects we are working on right now:

  • DIY Legal – Dealing with Visitation Denial (under construction)
  • We are working on a statewide analysis similar to what we did in Tarrant County which shows the distribution of different types of visitation schedules, and how often non-custodial parents get minimum visitation.
  • .We are doing a study to correlate how often judges award awarded attorney fees with how much those attorneys donate to the judges campaign contribution.
  • We are working on eLearning courses
    • The best Interest of the child and how to prove it in your case
    • Evidence- the Texas rules of evidence for giving testimony, cross examining and presenting physical evidence
    • Texas civil procedure – the rules for filing legal documents and the details you need to know in order to fight your own case
    • Texas Family Law- Statutory and common law rules covering everything that concerns non-custodial parents
    • More to come…


We are taking a new step in our organization and asking YOU to become a member. Our operations (all the works we have listed above) come at a cost, the cost of money and time. And we are far exceeding what is sustainable without your help. In short, we need your help to continue and to advance our efforts.


The price of your membership will allow us to fund our efforts (studies, political surveys, population surveys, host meetups, expand our legal self help material and so much more.)


Texas Fathers’ Rights Movement



Founding Member – $100 – limited to 100 members


By joining at the Founding Member level, you will be in an exclusive group of people who are at the forefront of bringing change to Texas. You want to make a difference for Texas families (including possibly your own) who are fighting for equal treatment of parents and the true best interest of children. You understand the need for our organization and are committed to help us bring education, support, and advocacy for Texas fathers. We appreciate your investment in this organization at this level, and value your input.


In addition to being a Founding Member of this important Movement, you will receive Lifetime Member benefits, plus these exclusive benefits:


  • Name Listing as Founding Member on the TFRM website
  • Exclusive surveys to provide your input into TFRM priorities

      $100.00, one time fee, lifetime membership

Lifetime Member – $140


Lifetime members know the Texas Fathers’ Rights Movement is more than a one-year fight, and want to be able to access all of the resources for the duration. Lifetime Members also see the value in building a group who will help bring change to the family law courtrooms, so that more parents are awarded equal custody.


Lifetime membership includes:


  • All Annual Member benefits
  • No annual dues (Membership never expires)
  • Plus, FREE Lifetime Access to the E-Online Learning platform and series. (Courses described below)

    $140.00, one time fee, lifetime membership

Annual/Monthly Member – $50/$60


We understand that as a father, you are fighting for your parental rights, and we know how expensive that can be. We have made our annual membership affordable for dads who need the support, but may not have the funds to afford an expensive program. The information, resources, and tools we provide to members are invaluable.  


Annual/Monthly membership includes:


  • Quarterly newsletters with pertinent information to include: new case law to help you in court, legislative updates that affect your rights, new products that will support your efforts, updates on equal parenting legislation in other states to add to your knowledge bank, links to self help material, updates on grassroots efforts to change the culture and courtroom environment for fathers, and notifications on future meet-ups/presentations/events
  • Access to TFRM membership directory (with map included to find local supporters)
  • Special discounts from TFRM sponsors (coming soon)
  • Free admittance to all Texas TFRM events
  • Discounted member rates for the E-Online Learning platform and series.
    • Current series includes:  (Free)
      • Talking to your Representative (Everything you need to know about setting up a meeting with your representative and speaking intelligently about family law reform issues)


    • Future series to include:
      • How to deal with visitation denial
      • How to prove best interest of the child
      • Texas Rules of Evidence
      • When can you go to court (material and substantial changes)
      • How to modify custody


Corporate Member – $500/Annually

  • Brand/Logo and description of services on each quarterly newsletter
  • Monthly add/post on our Texas TFRM Facebook page (95,000 members)
  • Name, Logo and Service description on Texas TFRM webpage


$500.00, good for one year from purchase.

Texas TFRM Membership Levels


Price No Annual Dues (free lifetime access) Recognition as Founding member Exclusive surveys to help guide TFRM Priorities Quarterly Newspaper Special Discounts from Sponsors Free Admittance to TFRM Events Free lifetime access eLearning Courses Discounted eLearning Courses Member Directory



(only first 100)

Lifetime $140      
Annual $50      
Monthly $60      
Corporate $500 Brand/Logo and description of services on each quarterly newsletter Monthly add/post on our Texas TFRM Facebook page (95,000 members)