Visitation Denial

There are a number of remedies available when you believe that you are a victim of visitation denial. The most important thing (and admittedly difficult) is to remain calm. 





Texas Penal Code 25.03 addresses  this issue and has been discussed in this blog entry. Members have reported a high success rate when they did the following to resolve this issue:

  1. Have a printed copy of custody order/divorce decree that highlights visitation 
  2. Contact the local police department and have them act as a peace officer *sometimes the police will say a civil matter, kindly point out that the other parent is in violation of Texas Penal Code 25.03
  3. Have the police officer complete a report (obtain name, badge number, report number, etc.) REMAIN CALM 
  4. Keep a journal (take pictures etc showing that you showed up to the location and other parent was given 15-30 min to show) 
  5. Review ALL of the information in this link for how to enforce visitation and remedies. It goes through all of the specific things needed 
  6.  Another linkthat walks you through how to write a demand letter, etc. 


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