The Texas Father’s Rights movement is trying to raise funds to help parents across the state of Texas be in their children’s’ lives. Please consider donating to help us in our efforts.



Your donations will help create more studies, like the one cited in this blog, that will be used to influence the legislature next session.

Your donations will also be used to develop self help resources for non custodial parents who want to fight their case themselves.

Ultimately your donations will help people like yourself who are victims of our current family laws and will help put new laws in place so there will no longer be the need for our organization one day. 

God Bless.



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  1. Faith says:

    My son is fighting for 50/50 shared custody right now!! Prayers for all the dad’s who are fighting for equal rights to their children. I pray someday everyone will understand how important dad’s are and how important it is for children to have as much time with dad as they do with mom!!

  2. Danny Lopez says:

    My middle daughter will be 17 this month and I have seen her maybe a dozen times since birth because her mother keeps her from me and my two oldest girl got moved away to a different state and I hardly got to see them they are grown down and it does matter now bit I missed and I’m missing out on all those moments of them growing up their mothers filled their heads with bull and let their husbands be called daddy so thank for this site God bless you all

  3. CL Turner says:

    I don’t need services, but the cause is near to my heart. I am evaluating various related firms as a potential donor. Would like to learn more about TFRM. I do NOT use FB. Please email me.

  4. Katherine Earley says:

    Does anyone know of a therapist that specializes in child alienated issues. Looking for recommendations for Houston Texas

  5. Simpson, Robin says:

    My email @marquez.

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