Equal/ Shared Parenting

The Father’s rights mission statement is that “we believe that the childrens’ best interests are served when they have equal access to both parents and that the parent/child bonds should be protected and even encouraged”

Here are a collection of links that provide evidence for that belief:

Sixteen arguments for shared parenting

Flaws of the “Best Interest of the Child” discretionary standard

Fatherless Facts

Des Moines register article on research supporting shared parenting

Joint custody book (google doc) on shared parenting

Shared parenting is good for childrens’ health

Collection of research articles on shared parenting

Shared parenting better for education


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  1. Jose Zapata says:

    Father in need of help. The mother of my child will not let me see my son unless she’s there as well. I cannot take him on my own, can’t take him to my house, can’t take him to see my family, can’t take him fun places that I wish too. It’s very hard because she has many issues and is definitely not an easy person to get along with. She currently has got a lawyer, she wants to put me on child support. I have no problem with that I already help her out. I have not had a dna test yet , nor have I signed the birth certificate. Her lawyer wants me to take the dna test through him but I’ve been told I should not let her lawyer in charge of the dna test. Y’all have help a friend of mine out and got him coustdy off his child. I would very much like to be represented by you. I’m not looking for full custody all tho that would be amazing I’m ok with equal rights and figuring out a fair agreement with her. Thank you for your time

    • dward says:

      We are not attorney’s, just like minded parents(mostly fathers) that are trying to fight the system. while we are not attorney’s we would like to help and can provide (non legal) advice and direct you to resources that you can use to represent yourself.

      The First thing is to get a DNA test, and I would be concerned about her attorney wanting to get it done. You can go to the OAG and they will provide one for you free of charge.

      I am assuming you are not married, so unfortunately, until you are in the OAG system, not a lot you can do. Once paternity has been established, you can then go to court and see about custody. The link http://tx.tfrm.us/help-yourself/ will get you started on the things you can do to move that forward.

      I would also stop giving her money outside of going through the OAG as this will all be considered a gift (they will charge you from when she applied for services). DO NOT TRUST HER ATTORNEY AT ALL. Please report back once you have went for the DNA test and let us know how things are progressing.

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