Responding to the need for people to feel like a community, the Texas Father’s Rights Movement has introduced this user community forum to all like minded people from all over Texas (and the world) to share, talk, learn, cry on each other’s shoulders, offer help, etc. 

Before posting, please be sure to read the guidelines

REMEMBER, our image at the Texas Father’s rights movement is that we are GREAT parents and people. There will be  ZERO tolerance for abusive language, putting people down, and things like that. 

There will be NO go fund me page requests or other donation type requests. 

There will be NO linking to your personal blogs, websites, etc. If you would like to partner with us, please post a comment and one of the moderators will get in touch with you to discuss. 

There will be NO naming/shaming of ex’s, attorneys, judges, etc. 

If there are any violations of these items the comment(s) will be deleted and the user banned. 

Again, please be respective of others. 


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    • How can I help
      This forum is to discuss issues with how can I help the movement. To ask questions, share information. 
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    • Introduce Yourself
      A lot of parents, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, kids, and anyone affected by family laws can feel alone. This forum was created to let you know that you are not alone. there are tens of thousands of families across Texas (and the world) that have been impacted by the family courts.  Please take a moment to tell us about yourself: Age: Area of Texas (or city/state) you are in: Why you are here: What you would like to see done: ...and anything else on your mind.  We are here for each other, and there WILL be change. It all starts with YOU!
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    • Ladies Only
      This forum is exclusively for all of the women in the Father's Rights movement. This forum is where you can share ideas, ask questions and talk about the state of affairs from a woman's perspective. 
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