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Visitation Denial


Texas Family Code:





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3 Commentsto Help Yourself

  1. Jonathan says:

    I would like to get more time with my daughter and need to know what paperwork I need to file with tarrent. I have tried to read up on modifying visitation, but got lost real quick. Any help on the right direction would help , or a place that can help me fill out the paperwork.

  2. Austin Stripling says:

    I would like to pursue custody of my daughter. For her lack of education and medical what do I need to file

  3. Jen Stewart says:

    My friend is trying to get custody of his son. Due to safety and parental responsibility reasons he’s the more stable parent but doesn’t intend to deny the mother access, perhaps request supervision on visits but that’s beside the point.

    He’s got roughly $400.00 raised, but is caring for his son. No child support at the moment. She has unlimited sources to funds but right now is playing games with the child only to get at the father (she previously signed over custody) – is there any way he can get this going faster? He doesn’t qualify for legal aid and there are no pro bono lawyers in his area. (College Station, Texas)

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