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The Texas Fathers Rights Movement is in the process of becoming a “boots on the ground” movement due to the overwhelming responses and requests by over 75,000 members. The Team has heard your call and feels that the time is right to begin unveiling our plans. 

To put it simply, the ONLY way that parents across Texas are going to have our voices heard is to strategically combine efforts with the over 75,000 members and confront our elected officials, our opposition, fence sitters, and people that are generally unaware that we exist. This will also involve other like minded organizations across the country who we are currently partnering with. 

To paraphrase Uncle Sam, “WE NEED YOU” to partner with us and take action. The days of simply complaining or living with what we have been given are over. 

Ways to get involved:

  • Sign up to be informed of our efforts, calls to Rally, letter/email campaigns, etc. You can do this here
    • We are creating a directory of Small Business Owners friendly to our cause 
    • Letter/Email Campaigns
    • Concentrated Rally’s and other efforts
    • Discounts for members
  • Sign the petition to change the outdated child support laws here
  • Be a GREAT parent with whatever time that you have with your children, be the positive in their lives 
  • Reach out to other like minded fathers and share your story, your time, build each other up
  • Educate yourself on the current political, judicial, social environment that we are in 
  • Talk to others that are unaware of the Texas Father’s Rights Movement and educate them
  • Get involved with your kid’s school, the PTA, Father’s program(s) at the school like W.A.T.C.H.D.O.G.S. (if one doesn’t exist, START ONE)
  • Become an editor or other back office member for the TTFRM
  • Contact your Representatives

In the coming weeks/months, the TTFRM team will be reaching out to our members to assist with different outreach programs that we are currently planning. NONE of this can get done without you. If you are TIRED and FED UP, the time is NOW to do something about it. Please join us, if not for yourselves, do it for your children.  

8 Commentsto Make a Difference

  1. Ben Manrriquez says:

    Sign me up.

  2. Michael chicosky says:

    I’m ready to help

  3. Luis Galvan says:

    The people united can not be defeated! Bigger n better every day and every year!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Every parent should have equal rights to their children. Just because a marriage has ended does not mean a child has divorced a parent and they need both parents. It causes permanent damage to a child that stems into adult life and relationships. The courts not doing anything about the alienation and making it equally accessible for both parents to be a part of their child’s life is contributing to the break down of family and kids that have many issues steming from the separation. The mothers that alienate need to be accountabke and made to give custody up due to their lack of parenting and inability to be a positive role model for the child. Mothers and fathers who are alienators are just as bad as a person who abuses a child. It effects them mentally, physically and negatively. You cannot get the time and years back that are taken and it’s a chronic problem that the family courts that say they are for the family. They contribute and play a huge role in the demise of the child and their future.

  5. Lawrence kopp says:

    Let’s Roll

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